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I’ve started a blog … now what?

Posted by Amber on May 13, 2009

I tend to be a person who takes awhile to jump on to the bandwagon of the latest trend, so, true to form, it has taken me awhile to get on board with blog writing.  But, after being inspired by the healthy eating and fitness blogs of my friends, I thought I would put my toe in the water and see how this works.

I hope to blog regularly (or perhaps semi-regularly) about the trials and joys that come from my two loves … running and yoga.  I’m an average runner and an average yogi, but, I love doing both and love pushing myself to do better.

In addition to posting about my runs and my time on the mat I will also be sharing with the world the constant evolution that is my diet and my attempts to eat healthy, whole, real food.


One Response to “I’ve started a blog … now what?”

  1. Corie said

    Cute blog name Amber!!!

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