Jogs & Downward Dogs

The running and yoga adventures of an average girl

About this average girl

I’m a 26 year old attorney living in California with my amazing husband and the two best fur-kids a person could ask for. 

I’m certainly not a born athlete.  In fact I was the girl who found every excuse she could to avoid participating in gym class.  But, in college I decided to try yoga.  I tried it because I heard it was a great for stress relief.  I sort of dabbled in it for a few years and took classes off and on.  It wasn’t until I was in law school that I really started focusing on my practice.  As I said above, I’m not a born athlete and I’m not naturally flexible.   But, even if I have a practice where I wobble on one leg, fall out of a pose, or fall on my butt trying do hold a crow pose, I always have that lovely, skin melting off my body feeling at the end of class after final relaxation – I love that! 

About two years ago I started running.  I started slowly, built up my distance and began running 5ks.  Last fall I ran my first half marathon (me! I ran a half marathon)  It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I look forward to running farther and faster in the future.  I’m not the fastest runner and I’m not the best — but, that is the great thing about running, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to line up on that start line with everyone else.


One Response to “About this average girl”

  1. trialsoftraining said

    I love this bio! Especially the last part “you don’t have to be an elite athlete to line up on that start line”….or to cross that finish line and feel AMAZING! 🙂

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