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Second chances are worthwhile

Posted by Amber on June 20, 2009

Hello Lovies …

I had to alter my plans today and skip my long run because I had to go to an early morning writing class for work.  I was initially dreading it, but, this one was actually really useful and provided a lot of great tips for writing legal briefs.  So, my writing might improve, but you all won’t be reaping the benefits 🙂

After class I decided to go to yoga.  The only class that was starting at that time was a vinyasa class I’ve taken before, but, I remembered not being thrilled with the teacher.  I decided to go again because I really wanted to spend some time on the mat today.  I’m so glad that I did because it was a great class.  It was challenging and felt like a great workout, but, also very relaxing with some deep stretching. 

Halfway through class the instructor came over and had me widen my arms in downward dog because she said I have “strong broad shoulders.”  I was a little put off by the “broad” comment, since I’ve never heard that one before, but, I gave it a try and immediately noticed a difference not only in downward dog, but also in chaturanga and upward dog.  I’ve been practicing with different instructors for 6 years and she was the first one to make this correction. 

Well, the hubby and I just enjoyed a great dinner of homemade pizza and I’ve got to get to bed early because I have to get up early and do my 10 mile run tomorrow.

Good night all 🙂


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