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B2B Madness

Posted by Amber on May 17, 2009

Hello All!!! 

The Hubby and I just got back from running the Bay to Breakers 12k in San Francisco.  This was my first time participating  in this amazing Bay Area experience.  We got up at 6 am and took BART from our East Bay home in to the City.  By the time that we made it in to the City the entire train was packed with runners. 

After we got off the train we walked up to our corral.  We registered a bit late so we were in Corral D.  While waiting for the race to begin I just sat there looking around and soaking it in … the floats were lined up, the music was blaring, some people were in costumes, some were nakkie and beach balls and tortillas were being thrown everywhere (I’m still not sure what the tortillas represent, but, I jumped in on the action and started throwing them around like frisbees along with everyone else.)  All in all, everything you would expect from an iconic San Francisco event.  This year was the 98th running of B2B!  We also saw Jerry, the Grandpa who won the $100k at home prize this season on The Biggest Loser!

We started to run and kept a good pace for the first 2 1/2 miles.  Then at mile 3 we hit what is known as Hayes hill.  If you’ve been to San Francisco you’ve seen the types of hills that we have and this one was no joke.  It was straight up for the entire third mile.  The Hubby and I had decided to stay together during the run and he has been struggling with shin splints, so, we decided to walk the hill. 

It was a pretty hot day, but, once we hit the shade of Golden Gate Park and started feeling the breeze from the Bay, I felt like I could have run forever.  We had to stop and walk a few times because of the Hubby’s shin splints, but, we still had a great time listening to the music and watching all of the madness taking place around us.  Based on my stopwatch it looks like we finished in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but, we weren’t too concerned with our time since we were running this for fun!

After finishing we made our way over to Footstock and I think I annoyed the Hubby because  I started stressing that we wouldn’t get there in time to get a shirt in my size.  The smalls are always the first to run out and getting the shirt is the most important part of a race!  But, all was well once we got there and I got my shirt. 

We made our way back to the Embarcadero had a yummy breakfast(asiagocheese bagel with egg whites, turkey sausage and cheddar cheese) and then took the train home. 

Unfortunately some stuff has come up on one of my cases so I have to get some work done, but, I’m hoping to relax by the pool later this afternoon.  Hopefully all of you are having a great weekend!


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